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How to make the copywriting department more productive

How to make the copywriting department more productive

Quality content plays a key role in today’s marketing strategy. Many projects are worked on by a team of specialists and it is important to establish their communication to increase productivity.

Productivity is a concept that reflects the relationship between the result and the cost of achieving a certain goal. Productivity measures the efficient use of resources (such as time, labour, money) to accomplish a certain task.

With the increasing demands for quality texts, effective time and task management is becoming an integral part of success. In this article, we’ll look at how MOGU’s will improve the productivity of your copywriting team.

What is the task manager MOGU?

Task tracker MOGU is designed to manage marketing projects. It allows you to flexibly create boards for any task, invite your team, customers and partners to work together. MOGU’s functionality is as good as, and in some aspects superior to, its analogues. Convenient, clear and easy to learn functionality has attracted the attention of many teams where clear and understandable organisation of work is required.

What challenges do copywriting teams face?

With a hectic pace of work, deadlines and lost customers, copywriters face serious challenges in maintaining high productivity. Burning deadlines, lack of coordination and scattered tasks can cause a drop in quality of work and loss of clients.

Uncertainty in tasks and deadlines: Copywriters have experienced vagueness in the wording of TORs and uncertain deadlines. This leads to confusion over priorities and makes it difficult to plan working hours.
Loss of control over projects: lack of a centralised place to manage projects leads to scattered information. Each copywriter handles his or her project differently, making it difficult to keep overall control over the progress of the work.
Delayed deadlines: often when work is unorganised, deadlines are missed, leading to customer dissatisfaction.

How to improve copywriters’ productivity?

To solve the problems, we propose to introduce MOGU into the workplace. This will be a key step in improving teamwork. Here’s why:

  • Clarity in tasks and deadlines: MOGU will allow you to structure tasks and define deadlines. Each copywriter will be able to clearly see what needs to be done and when it should be done.
    Centralised project management: a system of boards and tasks creates a centralised place to manage all processes. Project managers can easily monitor progress and control all processes.
  • Increased productivity: project managers will be able to coordinate their work effectively. Clarity in tasks and their statuses facilitates fast and high-quality work execution.
  • Meeting deadlines and improving customer interaction: Task tracking enables the team to meet deadlines with precision, which will delight your customers.

Transparency and reporting: The MOGU interface allows for full transparency in the work. Team members can track progress and analyse results, for example in a table:

Roles and objectives:


  • Copywriters: main executors of tasks.
  • Editors: quality control of texts.
  • Project manager: optimising processes and deadlines.


  • Clarity in tasks.
  • Effective teamwork.
  • Reduced lead times.

Board processes:

Management: clear allocation of tasks with the indication of responsibilities and deadlines.
Statuses: tracking of task statuses, overall progress of the team.
Ideas: space for creative exchange and discussion of new concepts.


After implementing MOGU, your team will experience a significant increase in efficiency, reduced procrastination and improved customer interaction. Finally, it’s important to emphasise that MOGU integration not only optimises individual copywriter processes, but also contributes to the efficient and effective work of the team as a whole.

Try MOGU in action, the results won’t wait!