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How to organize the work of a remote team

How to organize the work of a remote team

Just 5 years ago, few people could have imagined that 16% of companies worldwide would work remotely. And the majority of employees would wish to continue working in the same format. The trend continues to grow for obvious reasons, employers save money on office rent and workplace arrangement, and for professionals remote work is an opportunity to work from anywhere in the world. About the pluses we can talk a lot, but let’s move on to the minuses. This format of work still has unsolved problems, it is the organization of work processes, reducing the efficiency and productivity of employees, the lack of a common workspace for communication, etc.

In this article we will tell you about a tool that will solve many problems of organizing remote work of your team. So, let’s get to the point.

What your team needs to work from home

The most important thing when organizing the work of a distributed team is to find a tool that will allow to build communication between colleagues. In order to set tasks and control their fulfillment, the manager should think about this in the first place. Keep in mind that it is more effective to implement one specialized tool for teamwork than to write several regulations on your own and try to integrate them into your work.

Task tracker MOGU will make life easier for any project manager. Thanks to kanban boards, you will be able to organize the work of the whole team. Add tasks, assign responsibility for them, manage deadlines and priorities. All these features are available in a single tool.

Telegram chatbot

Not surprisingly, most distributed teams use Telegram for communication, for example, our team. A lot of tasks and processes are discussed both in a general chat room and in personal correspondence. It’s not uncommon that in the process of any discussion there is a need to create a task to record some thoughts. In order not to waste time searching for a page with a tracker in the browser and the necessary board, we add tasks through a chatbot. To do this we need to follow a series of simple steps:

In the chatbot we enter the command “Add task” → then select the desired board → enter the description of the task → done, the task has been successfully created!

This way we don’t waste time on routine and we don’t miss anything out of sight. Another positive feature of chatbot is notifications. Thanks to them we are always aware of what is happening in the project. A new task has been added, deadline is approaching, priority has changed, any other important events will not pass you by. To do this, simply link the chatbot to your MOGU account.

Supervision of remote employees

It’s more important to monitor the quality and timing of your team’s tasks than actual presence on the job. This is another reason to implement a task tracker in your work. Set achievable deadlines and monitor their completion. Add checklists to large tasks to track milestones.

Regular calls and meetings

To maintain effectiveness, regular meetings, such as the so-called Daily Scrum, should be held. This helps to update goals, prioritize tasks, and discuss difficulties the team has encountered. Such a meeting will not take more than 15 minutes, but it will contribute to the workday of each team member. Such calls are best held in cloud-based conference platforms, such as Zoom or SberJazz.

It is best to record the minutes of meetings and add them to the task card. In this way, all important information will be stored in one place and you can return to it at any time if necessary.

Time for calls and meetings

Designate meeting and calling hours for your team. Your colleagues are used to working in their own time zone, some like to work in the morning and some do most of their tasks in the afternoon. The optimal time to synchronize common calls is from 11 am to 3 pm.


To organize effective teamwork will require a lot of strength and patience. Emphasize discipline, control deadlines, be attentive to problems in adapting to new conditions and tools of the new format of work. Use the MOGU task tracker, it will make life much easier for your team.