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Getting rid of routine and mistakes: how the task tracker helps in the work of advertising agencies

Getting rid of routine and mistakes: how the task tracker helps in the work of advertising agencies

Do you know the situation, you are working all the time, spending your energy, but still deadlines are overdue? You have to send a commercial proposal to a client, coordinate the content plan with the designer, prepare a report for the management and 1001 other routine tasks are waiting for their turn. Your efficiency problems are most likely due to improperly designed workflows.

In this article we will talk about how to build teamwork in an advertising agency with the help of Mogu task tracker. Using this material you will be able to save time on routine tasks, make fewer mistakes and leave time for creative and strategic tasks.

Lack of shared workspace

The main problem is the different workspaces in which you and your colleagues work. For example, you are working on a client’s project that includes social media promotion, CPA and SEO. To perform such work, you will need a team of at least four people, including you. For the customer is important quick results and as a rule you do not have much time to show it.

It is very important to build communication and distribute the load of the team. Each specialist has their usual tools for interaction – chats in Telegram, Discord, What’s Up, Excel spreadsheets, etc. Your task is to bring everyone together and launch the project.

A kanban board is the solution for your team. Create a board for each area – SEO, Perfomance and SMM.

The most standard approach is to divide the processes into 3 columns:

  • To be done
  • In progress
  • Done

But sometimes it happens that there are many more processes than in our template. In Mogu you can customize columns according to your project work stages.

Such a solution will allow you to visualize the whole workflow, namely to evenly distribute the load on your colleagues, see burning deadlines by tasks, store files in one workspace and invite customers to achieve a common goal.

Prioritization of tasks

Of course, project work involves multitasking. In addition to the constant processes, there are urgent tasks from management, revisions from customers, etc. Every day we have to prioritize tasks. The question is how to do it correctly?

We would recommend using the ICE method. This method is more popular in product management, but it is also used in marketing.

ICE includes three task evaluation parameters:

  • Impact – what impact will this task have on the outcome?
  • Confidence – how confident are we that this task will help achieve the outcome?
  • Ease – an assessment of ease. How easy is it to accomplish this task?

Score each parameter from 1 to 10, and by calculating the arithmetic mean you will get the final ICE score.

Launch a Linkedin campaign7386
Launch a Facebook campaign5545

Now that we know the priority of the tasks, it is important to display this on the board. If you only have two tasks, this is not necessary, but if you have more than 10 tasks, make sure to use labels. With custom labels you can set multiple types of priority such as high, medium, and low. After adding tags, your team will understand which task to work on first.

Tracking the progress of tasks

In marketing there are long-term tasks in which sometimes progress over the distance becomes imperceptible. In this case, we recommend dividing the main task into several subtasks. It is better to use checklists for this purpose. This way you can see the overall progress of the task on the checklist indicator.


In the business processes of advertising agencies, there are many routine tasks that need to be structured. Start using the Mogu task tracker to distribute the workload among your colleagues, get rid of overdue deadlines and increase the efficiency of the whole team.