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Checklists for the Event Manager

Checklists for the Event Manager

What is an event – in a narrow sense this word means an event or activity, but its main purpose is marketing. Events can be conferences, exhibitions, seminars, lectures, corporate parties and promotions.

The purpose can be to promote products or services, attract new customers, connect with potential partners, create brand awareness and increase customer loyalty. An important part of event marketing is to create a unique experience for participants that will be linked to the brand or product to evoke positive emotions and impressions. Simply put, it is important that the event is memorable.

An event agency is responsible for planning, organising and successfully completing various events. They are in charge of developing the concept of the event, coordinating the actions of all participants and controlling the fulfilment of tasks.

Like many seemingly simple professions, this one has many pitfalls. Below we have compiled a list of the main tasks that are performed by the staff of an event agency to make sure that the planned event is a success.

Defining objectives and target audience

  • Determine what goal you want to achieve with the event. This could be to increase sales, increase your brand awareness or attract new customers.
  • Identify your target audience. Who will be most interested in your event and who is likely to attend? Consider the age, gender, interests and behaviour of your target audience.

Develop a promotional strategy

  • Create a detailed action plan outlining how you will promote your event. Make a list of the marketing tools you intend to use (social media advertising, email marketing, content marketing, etc.).
  • Set a budget for event marketing and allocate it among the tools.

Content and content creation

  • Create quality content that will be memorable and appealing to your audience. This could be an informational post, video review, photos, promo codes, etc.
  • Develop a landing page where visitors can get more information about your event or register for it.
  • Prepare information materials and advertising banners to be distributed on social media and other marketing channels.

Event Promotion

Send out news about your event via email and social media. Design eye-catching emails and invitation cards to increase interest in your event.
Posting adverts on social media using keywords and interest targeting to your target audience.
Utilise content marketing tools such as blogs, online publications and guest posts on websites to attract additional audiences.

Analysis and optimisation

Evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing activities and track their results. Use analytical tools to see which channels and tools attract more visitors and registrations.
Optimise your promotional strategy based on the findings. Analyse which channels and tools bring the most traffic and reallocate your budget based on this data.

Event Manager Checklist

Here’s what you need to remember to make sure your event is sure to be a success:

  • Determine the purpose and format
  • Determine the budget and resources needed for the event
  • Create a schedule of events, including start and end times for each activity
  • Negotiate contracts with service providers (venue, catering, equipment rental, etc.)
  • Create a list of participants and invite them
  • Develop a marketing strategy and organise an advertising campaign
  • Prepare information materials, logos, flyers and other materials
  • Organise participant registration and access control
  • Review and select presenter and/or speakers
  • Prepare and conduct a trial run of the event to test all systems and identify potential problems
  • Organise guest services and provide catering (food and beverages)
  • Prepare the necessary technical equipment for presentations, sound and lighting.
  • Prepare gifts and prizes for participants
  • Arrange transport and accommodation for those coming from other cities or countries
  • Check that all necessary permits and licences are in place
  • Develop a safety plan and have medical personnel on site
  • Provide audio and video recording
  • Provide feedback to participants and organise their participation in surveys/evaluations of the event
  • Analyse the results of the event to improve it in the future.
  • Finalise all financial and administrative processes

If this makes you feel like it’s easy to drown in these tasks rather than excited, try using MOGU’s task tracker so you don’t miss important details.

MOGU tracker for event promotion

MOGU Task Tracker helps you to simplify the process of event promotion.

You can create tasks for each step, assign responsible persons to them and track their fulfilment. You can split the checklist into more tasks and add a responsible person to each one, or create a separate column for each colleague with their tasks and checklists.

MOGU gives you the ability to create multiple projects and tasks, so you can organise and track all your event promotion activities, even if you have many projects going on at the same time.

You can also use the inbuilt notifications and team collaboration features to coordinate and share promotion tasks.

We hope this checklist will help you in promoting your marketing event, and MOGU Task Tracker will be a reliable assistant in organising and tracking the whole process.